Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Well, well, well all of us have friends! But we also have enemies (= people that try to ruin our life, make us fight with our friends, sharing our secrets). Ok, we know that having enemies is something that everyone hates... Oh that's so wrong!!! Most of us try always to find an enemy because we want to deal with sb, to spend with this way our time!! I don't disagree sometimes it has fun to gossip others! But while sb tries to find an enemy, he lose himself! He try to destroy others' life in order to be better than them and not just try be better by improving himself! That people in my world are called "σαύρες" - in english "lizards" because they are able to put themselves everywhere and try to control everything! It's not neccessary to be a "lizard" to have the control of something! Real people with good heart and good intentions can have everything :friends, happiness and even more control! These people don't devote a lot of effort to achieve those things! They just know how to by friends, good friends! So before you try to do sth evil think : is this the best way i can succeed it??
Now, as for the guys how has enemies without knowing why remember: having enemies is always that bad?
As EMINEM said...

The only thing you have to do in your life is to smile! You have to smile because this gets you happier, makes you stronger, gives the opportunity to see your life positive and also smile because...your enemies hate it

We were LAM and we hope you liked that post!

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